Saturday, May 7, 2011

Thecontrollersphere - of Montreal

Usually seen as being ultra progressive and avant-guarde of Montreal takes it to another level on their recent EP Thecontrollersphere. Made up of songs that were written and recorded for False Priest, but eventually left out Thecontrollersphere fits easily in place with its predecessor. Chiming in at only five tracks it still is a force, with tracks ranging from classic of Montreal dance tunes such as "L'age D'or" to straight eerie dark tunes as the opening track "Black Lion Massacre."

My absolute favorite track on the entire EP though is the lengthy tune "Holiday Call." Religious and sexual metaphors lace the entire song as is usual for many of of Montreal's tracks. Thumping bass and highly sampled dance drum machines are ever present driving the song from start to finish. Some of the other bizarre parts throughout the song would include the strange bridge occurring about halfway through, which contains a riveting Middle Eastern breakdown complete with a vibrant string section and psychedelic lyrics. "Holiday Call" ends with a very soothing piano coda, which ends the stress and brings closure to the entire song.

I've always loved of Montreal for their ability to push the limits of what is considered Pop music. Having commercial success it would be easy for of Montreal to put out conservative records that could appeal to larger audiences, but as most of Montreal fans know this isn't their style. Instead they choose to go the Frank Zappa and David Bowie route in pushing the envelope for what is tasteful and appropriate in music, where in a modern day auto-tune and simplicity rule. 

of Montreal - "L'age D'or" from "thecontrollersphere" by YiN Magazine

Of Montreal - Holiday Call by miojoindie