Monday, April 4, 2011


Julian Casablancas or better known as the mastermind behind the ultra hit band "The Strokes" has finally decided to loosen his grip on the creative design of their new album "Angles." Casablancas has been known as a perfectionist and for this reason their first three albums sound more or less similar, this is not the same for Angles.

Their first three albums were critically acclaimed for defining a sound to a new generation of indie artists, though their third album "First Impressions of Earth" was not so popular amongst critics. Casablancas was known for writing and insisting on certain ways passages were played ala Prince. Casablancas deciding to let the musicians assist in writing the parts the album gives the album a different feel though it still sounds like The Strokes. Drum machines and synthesizers gives Angles a more produced and tight feel as opposed to the pure raw garage sound of their earlier albums.

Fans of The Strokes might not see it as a pure Strokes album, but non-the-less will still enjoy the songs and feel a sense of satisfaction. For people who have been under a rock for the last 10 years this is a great introduction to the band.